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About Us

Mission statement

The European Fraternity is a Christian, friendship-based European network promoting a united Europe respectful of the differences and particularities of each country, culture and tradition. Called to act as creative minorities, members commit to supporting each other's services for the common good.

The European Fraternity fosters intentional Christian communities. Its principles and its vision of the human person are deeply anchored in Christian social teaching. As followers of Jesus Christ, members are called to a high standard of personal and professional magnanimity and strive for a society based on Christian ethics and morality.

Our members

Members are Christians of all denominations who have a heart for Europe and a desire to put their energy, skills, and vision into renewing the soul of Europe.

We seek to identify and engage a network of service-oriented people with solid faith and principles, capable of becoming shapers of today and tomorrow.


4 Pillars 

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