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Object: is the website of the European Fraternity.


This website is entirely owned by the fraternity which is a registered entity in Paris, France as an association (non-profit). The document specifies how the data of users and members is processed, used and stored and what are your rights regarding your own data processed by us.

Willing to be compliant with current European GDPR regulations and rules, we adhere to the highest standard in terms of confidentiality and privacy, so we constantly do our best to improve our services, our policies and our security.


What is the data we collect and how we process it?

When you visit our website, you are immediately informed about the fact that we are using cookies and about your rights to change your cookies settings so that our website do not process them. We use them only for analytical reasons, to know the type and number of people visiting our website. For more details please look at the Cookies section of this document.


It is just the beginning and the document starts to be already complicated because of the use of specific terms and names. We don’t want to confuse you, so please let us be clear and simple with this document so that you understand what is going on here.

If you subscribe to the newsletter on our website we have access to the data you gave us during the process: your name, your email address, and your consent to process that data. For more details, please visit the Newsletter section of this document.


Some of you may use more advanced options on our website (especially in the future), so you may be asked for more of your personal data as well as some ‘sensitive information’. To know more about it, please go to Sensitive Information section of the document.


Cookies are little files put on your computer to identify the user and give us possibility to know if you visited our website again, where are you from, what may be your interests etc. (Metadata)


Using cookies, we are unable to identify you as a specific individual and have any sensitive or strictly personal information about you to process.


We understand if you disagree with us having any information about you when you visit our website, so it is your right to configurate your cookies settings of the browser so that we, as a third party, are unable to process it. As you know we are a simple entity which is a non-profit organization. Therefore, we don’t intend to sell you anything or target you as a client, which means we will not make it harder for you to be anonymous on our website. If you don’t want to be identified, we fully respect it.



If you subscribe to our newsletter you accept to be contacted by us through bespoke mailing service such as Mailchimp (or similar) and to receive newsletters, information, calls for action such as donation or invitations to our live and online events. Our newsletters are sent not more often than once every two weeks, as we do not want to SPAM you. However if you don’t want to be part of any of our lists you can unsubscribe (opt-out), using the button at the bottom of each email or sending us an email to We will regret to see you leaving but we will delete you from our lists.


Sensitive Information

As our website may use some more developed online forms and you may be called (via newsletter for example) to fill in one of them by providing us much more of your personal information and replying to some specific questions (depending on the nature of the task), we want to ensure you how do we deal with those information and what are your rights about it.


We collaborate with professionals to create those online forms and we make all we can to keep our website up to date to avoid any leaks. Once you fill in the form your data is sent to us and only limited number of relevant team members have access to it. Our employees and contractors are always legally responsible to hold the information they receive or process during their professional engagements with the fraternity strictly confidential and use it only to according to the purpose.


Online Payments – donations or contributions.

It may be possible, at some point that you will be able to donate us money via our online payment platform provided by a third party (such as Stripe inc.). We will do our best to make the process clear and simple informing you about additional information we may possess thanks to that. By using the dedicated payment solution, you accept that we are using a third party, another company as a service provider and we are not responsible how they process your data to make the payments work. TO know more you need to refer to their respective privacy policy, but we know that they do all they must to be able to make the payment successful.

GDPR compliance

GDPR is a very demanding legislation but we support that it protects a lot those who are vulnerable and whose data is often used with a clear abuse. We don’t want to do that so we do our best to be compliant with the rules:


Correcting/Updating/Deleting/ Personal data

You always have the right to correct, update or delete any personal information we have about you as it belongs to you, not to us. We are only a depositary of it to fulfil a précised objective which should be aligned with your interest. If you want to use this right, please send us an email on We will make our best to respond positively to your demand in 96 hours following your message.

Right to Know What Personal Data

To be able to do any of above-mentioned actions, you need to know what data we have about you. We are happy to, upon your written request send you what data European Fraternity possess, if possible what is its source, and (if applicable) provide it to you in common, portable format. We are happy to provide it free of charge, to the best of the limited capabilities of our team members but we reserve us a right to charge you with the cost of providing you such information if your requests is unusually complex, if your requested are repeated in a short period of time or if we have legitimate and reasonable suspicion that your actions are intended to use additional forces to be able to reply positively to them. To emphasize those rights, you need to address us a written demand and we will do our best to reply you as soon as possible, no later than 30 days following the reception of your request.


Right to restrict use

You have a right to restrict use of your data we possess especially if it’s inaccurate, was obtained unlawfully, we don’t have grounds or necessity to use it. Additionally, you have the right to inform us what happens with your data in case of your death. To emphasize those right you need to address us a written demand and we will do our best to reply you as soon as possible, no later than 30 days following the reception of your request.


Contact information

To reach our relevant team member regarding any question related to the data protection, please send us an email to or a standard mail to European Fraternity, 7, rue Vasco de Gama, F-75015 Paris.

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