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Signal Chats

Here you find our primary European Fraternity Signal Chat, the Signal Subgroups and our Signal chat rules.

How to stay in Contact:

Join our European Fraternity Signal group to stay in touch with your fellow Members.

EF Signal Chats

Main EF Signal Chat

“Fraternitas Europaea”

Please use the main Fraternitas Europaeae Signal chat for important messages. It IS our

main Signal page and a portal to more detailed chats in the Subgroups. It is NOT a place

to have in-depth conversations about architecture, debates about religious or political

matters etc.. It is a place to post important announcements, requests for help, urgent

information, event info etc.

Please contact an Admin to start an EF Subgroup if you would like to discuss a particular

topic. The Admin will then post the possibility of entering the Subgroup on the main

Fraternitas page.

EF Subgroups on Signal

In-depth discussion and debate are encouraged, but please always apply the EF Signal

rules - including those related to self-awareness (no spamming or trolling). All of our

Signal Subgroups have been started at the request of members. If you want to start a

Subgroup, please talk to an Admin.

EF Signal Chat Rules

1) Respect

We are not all Catholics, we ARE all Christians (see EF Charter which you have all signed). Please

keep this in mind when posting.

2) Debates/Discussions

Debates and discussions are welcome (in Subgroups please - NOT in main chat!) in an atmosphere

of respect and charity. With that in mind, we’d like to foster freedom of speech also in sensitive

topics. Admins reserve the right to end conversations that are no longer constructive.

3) Posting Links/Documents

If you post a link or a document, ALWAYS explain in a brief sentence why and how it is related to

this group. Simple links not allowed. We want to hear what you think.

4) Be considered of others time & attention

PLEASE use EF Signal groups with self-awareness. Are you posting too often? (Ask yourself "are

others being drowned out by my over-sharing?" "Is this post really interesting and relevant to the

hundreds of others on this chat?") T.H.I.N.K (Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?)

5) Virtues

In all EF chats please practice the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance.

Above all that - CHARITY.

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